How long will PRESBYOND results last?

Interview transcription:

In an interview, Alex Shortt discusses how long the results of PRESBYOND laser eye surgery will last.

Interviewer: How long will Presbyond results last? The eye is always changing so what happens with that?

Alex Shortt: We aim to give people a difference between the eyes of approximately 1.5 units, but we boost that up with some clever technology up to approximately 2.5 units of glasses correction.

In effect, if you think about the numbers of your reading glasses; they are naturally going to increase over time. I’m sure you’re wearing something low like a plus 0.5, plus one?

Interviewer: Plus one.

Alex Shortt: With Presbyond LASIK, I’m going to give you the effect of plus 2.25 glasses where you’re going to feel comfortable with it within a few weeks. Your eyes will follow the course that they would have followed as your reading glasses would’ve gotten stronger with time. You would’ve gotten up to 2.25 eventually.
All that time you would have been glasses-free with Presbyond LASIK. Now, eventually, everyone goes to start to need plus 2.5, plus 2.75, plus 3, but by that stage, most patients also have a cataract.

What often happens is patients get 10 or 15 years out of their Presbyond blend of vision treatment. Then eventually 10 to 15 years later, they come back and see us, and they’ve got the beginnings of cataract, so then it’s time to address the next problem which is cataract surgery.

Interviewer: Depending on ones age, one could perhaps get Presbyond. Then, 10 to 15 years later, you need cataracts or if you had it particularly early, you might get Presbyond and then can you do it again?

Alex Shortt: Absolutely. It’s possible to boost that reading up again and very often that only needs treatment to the reading eye and sometimes we retreat both eyes to rebalance them. If it’s just the reading eye that needs a little boost that can be boosted.

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