Complex Cataract surgery

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Complex Cataract surgery

Cataract surgery is one of the most commonly performed and successful surgical procedures available. In the majority of cases the surgical procedure is likely to be relatively straightforward. However there may be unique individual issues or scenarios that demand a greater degree of interaction. I care about every single patient and each & every scenario. If we need more time to assess and plan your treatment – we do that with care and compassion.

Co-existent eye problems

Anatomical issues such as size of the eye and pupil can present technical challenges, as can other conditions such as Uveitis or other inflammatory eye conditions. There are well-established treatment plans to manage most scenarios and my personal experience of managing complex cataracts will be critical to maximising your outcomes.

Co-existent medical problems

Carefully managed, existing medical problems should not become a significant problem with cataract surgery. Diabetes is one of the more common issues and really does require expert ophthalmic care which I provide expertly.

Type and severity of cataract

Cataracts that are severe require specific expert techniques to optimise outcomes. In addition cataracts arising from previous trauma can also present special challenges that require very careful assessment and bespoke techniques & care. ​

Cataract surgery in setting of previous LASIK/LASEK surgery

Patients who have previously undergone refractive laser vision correction may require special input. There is the possibility of potential surgical issues in such cases the more common problem arises where previous laser vision correction alters the front of the eye (the cornea). Such alterations can make it more difficult to measure the cornea accurately. As an academic ophthalmic surgeon who performs cataract and refractive (laser eye) surgery I am well-placed and highly experienced in this area.

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