Find out why Taylor Swift chose laser vision correction and so should you

If you’re anything like Taylor Swift, then you too may like to enjoy a life free from the restraints of glasses and contact lenses.

I’m going to tell you step-by-step why having laser vision correction with me is not only going to give you life-changing results you desire but will be a ‘swift’, 5-star experience that even the pop diva herself approves.

Strut down the catwalk

Just like Taylor Swift en-route to the 2019 MTV VMAs, you too can strut down the red carpet alongside the rich and famous. The only difference is this red carpet leads to my state-of-the-art hospital tucked just around the corner from the prestigious Harley Street, right in the heart of the capital. 

Upon arriving, you’ll be greeted by one of our receptionists who will escort you to a plush seat and give you some paperwork to complete.

Welcomed by your biggest fans

Once you’ve done all the scribbling and signing, you’ll be met by one of our patient liaison specialists. Don’t worry, these guys won’t be demanding selfies and autographs. However, they do want to get to know you inside and out. 

They will explain everything that happens during your two-hour visit and will act as your main point of contact throughout your journey with us. They can answer your questions and pass on any concerns you may have to me. They have your best interests at heart and will seamlessly guide you through the whole process from start to finish. 

Your goals are their goals, and they will do everything to ensure your needs are met.

The audition 

The next step in your pathway is your audition, this takes place in the diagnostic suite. Here we decide whether or not you make the cut. Here, we’re looking for two things. First of all, whether or not you have any evidence of any eye disease or problems, and secondly, your suitability for vision correction surgery. 

We use very specialized machines that all work in a very similar way. We sit you in a chair and move each of these machines in, one at a time. You put your chin on the chin rest, your head forward against the top, and you look through at a light within the machine. None of these machines touch your eye whatsoever, so there’s no discomfort during any of the scans. You simply have to look at a bright light for a few seconds without blinking.

Now that you’ve had all of the necessary scans, I can determine whether or not you’re suitable for vision correction surgery and indeed, which of the various options for vision correction is best for you.

My practice is unique in that I am able to perform all of the different variety of vision correction techniques.

This includes refractive lens exchange with multifocal lens implants, cataract surgery with multifocal lens implants, ICL lens implants, all three generations of laser eye surgery, and more – but these are the most common types of vision correction techniques.

The dress rehearsal

As expected, you’ve smashed the audition and now it’s time for the dress rehearsal. Here the optometrist uses specialised equipment to take all of your measurements – that is your glasses prescription measurements of course. 

Our optometrists are specialists in refractive surgery and understanding what it is that you want to use your vision for. Some patients want to focus on their closeup vision, for others distance vision is the priority.

Once they’re finished, we will have all of the measurements required to know exactly what solution is best for correcting your vision.  

Take the eye surgery self-test to see if you qualify

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Meet the choreographer

That’s me! Your surgeon. 

Now that we know you’re suitable and have collected all the information we need, I want to review it with you and talk you through the routine. 

In general, a consultation with me takes 20 to 30 minutes. I think it’s really important that we get to know each other and talk about any thoughts and feelings you may have so we can ensure your expectations are met. 

After that, I’ll explain everything you need to know about the procedure. We can discuss the risks and benefits of the procedure, and you can ask me any questions that you have.

Chill-out back-stage  

We think it’s important that you relax and unwind before your treatment. After all, you’ve probably taken the day off work so you may as well treat it like a holiday. 

The nurses will show you to your very own private room complete with ensuite and comfortable furnishings. While you’re here, the nurses will check your blood pressure and ensure you’re feeling comfortable and happy. 

After that, I’ll pop in to see you. I’ll make sure you’re feeling confident about the treatment and we’ll complete the consent process. You can ask me any further questions and I’ll address any of your concerns.

The next step is very important, we’re going to give you some sedation. Our nurses will give you a small tablet to take. It will take 20 minutes for dissipation to work after which you’re going to start feeling even more relaxed.

The main event

We’re off to the theatre! Accept, for this production, you don’t need to wear your glad rags. The cosy comfies will do just fine. 

Unfortunately, in this theatre, you won’t find the likes of Billy Elliot or The Lion King. You will, however, find the latest VisuMax and Zeiss excimer lasers. We use these to perform LASIK, LASEK and SMILE.

I warn you now, this will probably be the quickest performance you’ve ever endured. In just 10 minutes, we have prepared you for treatment, administered anaesthetic eye drops and corrected your vision in both eyes. The time that the laser is working for is no longer than 30 seconds. Yes, it’s very quick. Most of my patients are quite shocked when I tell them it’s over. 

Relish in the glory 

*Round of applause* You’ve breezed through the main event and now it’s time to kick back and relax. Everything went perfectly and your eyes are instantly more in focus, but your vision may be quite foggy – for now.

The first thing that we do after your surgery is we examine your eyes with a machine, to make sure everything is the way it’s meant to be and I’m happy with your treatment.

Next, we bring you into one of our recovery rooms where we check your blood pressure, make sure you’re feeling okay. And then five to 10 minutes after the treatment, if you’re feeling good, you’re free to leave.

Well, that’s your vision correction pathway from beginning to end. Your assessment takes two hours to perform comprehensively. The surgery itself, you’re going to be here in the hospital with us for between one and two hours.

Thank you for visiting. If you’re interested in coming for a free complimentary vision assessment appointment, then please do feel free to contact us.

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I’m Alex Shortt, a highly trained academic researcher and Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon based in London’s famous Harley Street medical district. I trained and worked as a consultant for 14 years at London’s Moorfields Eye Hospital. I specialise in advanced technologies for correcting vision, including cataract surgery, implantable contact lenses and laser vision correction.

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