Are there any restrictions after implantable contact lens treatment?

Interview transcription:

In an interview, Alex Shortt discusses the restrictions after implantable contact lens treatment.

Interviewer: Are there any other types of restrictions that people have to adhere to, things that they can’t do?

Alex Shortt: Again, minimising the infection risk is the critical thing here. We want to make sure that we don’t expose the eye to any bacteria. Probably, the most common source of bacteria, the most significant risk, is from water; so shower water and tap water. Washing your eyes out with tap water or rinsing them out in the shower after eye surgery is a terrible idea. We want only boiled cooled water and the antibiotic drops going in the eyes, that’s it.

Interviewer: Presumably, in the short term?

Alex Shortt: Yes, In the short term. We give that as advice for one week. After a week – once we have checked and made sure the wounds are sealed, and there’s no possibility of an infection getting in – we’re home and dry.

Interviewer: So you’re able to go swimming, have showers and baths?

Alex Shortt: It’s a temporary injury. During the first week of recovery, we want to avoid any exposure to water that has bacteria, and after one week, in general, it is absolutely fine to go swimming. You are completely back to normal.

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