What are your results like for implantable contact lens treatment?

Interview transcription:

In an interview, Alex Shortt explains what your results will be like after implantable contact lens treatment.

Interviewer: What are the results like? What’s typical in terms of how people see?

Alex Shortt: There are excellent research studies on this that compare the outcomes of ICL lens implants to laser eye surgery in patients with very high prescriptions. What they found is that these ICL lens implants are at least as accurate, and possibly a little bit more accurate than laser in these extremes of prescription.

Interviewer: Interesting, how can that be so? How can they be more accurate than laser?

Alex Shortt: The way laser works is that typically, we use it for lower prescriptions. As your prescription gets higher, the risk of not getting you to zero increases a little bit. The risk is still low, but there is a chance of needing a second laser eye surgery procedure, to fine-tune any residual prescription.

In a high prescription, it could be up to 10%, whereas with ICL lens implants the chance of not correcting you to zero, even with an extreme prescription is very low, in the order of 1% or 2%.

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Interviewer: What kind of recovery are we talking about in terms of when patients can get back to normal sight and normal vision?

Alex Shortt: Typically, after a lens implant, patients will be off of work for two to three days, and they’ll use eye drops for up to four weeks. We’re usually happy for patients to return to work three to four days after the procedure, although it may be necessary for them to work from home and to take it easy for the first week.

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Mr Alex J. Shortt | Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon

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I’m Alex Shortt, a highly trained academic researcher and Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon based in London’s famous Harley Street medical district. I trained and worked as a consultant for 14 years at London’s Moorfields Eye Hospital. I specialise in advanced technologies for correcting vision, including cataract surgery, implantable contact lenses and laser vision correction.

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