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About Alex Shortt

MB BCh MSc PhD FRCOphth PGDipCatRef

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You know that feeling of anxiety when weighing up your options when it comes to eye surgery? I can empathise, and that’s why I offer a thorough consultation for every patient I consider for treatment. After attending a consultation with me, you’ll have the confidence you need to safely and effectively correct your vision.

Affiliations and memberships

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What is my training and experience?

In short, I am an academic ophthalmologist who aims to get my patients the very best customer service and surgical outcomes

Why choose me to consult with regarding your eye problem?

  • My patients are my biggest promoters

  • I specialise in helping people of all ages see better without glasses or contact lenses

  • I offer a free, no-pressure initial screening where you can ask all your questions and take as much time as you need

Who LOVES my service the most?

If you see yourself in how I describe my ideal patients below, we’ll be a great fit




If you feel anxious, stressed or frustrated with your eye condition. If you find the process of choosing an eye surgeon cumbersome and confusing, I can help guide you towards a comfortable and timely resolution of your concerns.

If you feel you need to squeeze this into an already busy and hectic life, I am centrally located with a broad availability to help see you at your convenience.

If you want to enjoy the fruits of your hard work by enjoying a richer life without glasses and contact lenses, well past your 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond, I am particularly experienced in helping people like you make an educated choice that maximises your safety and outcome.

How I compare with other eye clinics you may be considering

Here’s a summary of what I offer when compared to other independent surgeons and high-street clinics
Do they offer… What I offer Independent surgeons High-street clinics
A consultation with the surgeon before surgery Often Rarely
NHS Consultant experience Sometimes Rarely
Harley Street 5-Star service Sometimes No
Audited surgical outcomes Rarely Sometimes
Hospital infrastructure Sometimes No
LASEK – 1st Generation laser eye surgery
LASIK – 2nd Generation laser eye surgery
SMILE – 3rd Generation laser eye surgery Rarely No
Lens replacement (RLE) Sometimes
Corneal Cross-linking Sometimes Sometimes
Refractive Cataract Surgery Sometimes Sometimes
Complex Cataract Surgery Sometimes No
6/7 day opening hours Rarely
Flexible aftercare Often Rarely
Transparent pricing Often Sometimes
Interest-free financing Sometimes
The surgeon’s mobile number after surgery Sometimes Sometimes

Get the hassle-free life you deserve

Give us a shout or request a call back, and allow me to guide you towards the vision of your dreams – all for an affordable monthly fee

Allow me to be your guide to the great vision you’ve always wanted

You’ll get a comprehensive medical evaluation, an empathetic ear and an individualised treatment plan


I am a highly trained academic researcher and consultant ophthalmic surgeon based in London’s famous Harley Street medical district. I trained and worked as a consultant for 14 years at London’s Moorfields Eye Hospital and specialise in advanced technologies for correcting vision, including stem cell transplants, corneal transplants, lens implants and laser vision correction.

More information about me

Below you’ll find the highlights of my professional CV

Mr Alex J Shortt
Consultant Eye Surgeon & Clinical Academic Ophthalmologist
MB BCh MSc PhD FRCOphth PGDipCatRef

I specialise in advanced technologies for correcting vision, including stem cell transplants, corneal transplants, lens implants and laser vision correction as well as cataract treatment.

I trained and worked as a consultant ophthalmologist at the world renowned Moorfields Eye Hospital for 14 years. I am a highly experienced surgeon and have performed over 3,000 eye surgery procedures.

I am particularly interested in managing patients who have dry eyes related to contact lens wear and who are seeking laser eye surgery to get out of contact lenses.

I have received numerous prizes and distinctions including the Fight for Sight prize, the Moorfields Research Medal and both the Crombie and Harcourt medals from The Royal College of Ophthalmologists.

I studied medicine at the National University of Ireland in Dublin. I then studied for an MSc in Physiology at UCD, Dublin followed by a PhD in Ophthalmology at University College, London.

I then underwent 10 years of specialised clinical, surgical and research training at Moorfields Eye Hospital culminating in my appointment as an NHS consultant at Moorfields. In 2016, I left Moorfields to establish my own independent eye clinic on London’s famous Harley Street.

  • Studied Ophthalmology at Royal College of Ophthalmologists
  • Studied PhD Ophthalmology at University College London
  • Studied Physiology at UCD School of Medicine
  • Studied Medicine at UCD School of Medicine
  • Went to Presentation College, Bray

I sit on the editorial boards of various professional publications and I also publish extensively. I hold a research position at University College London’s Institute of Ophthalmology where I and my research team work to develop new stem cell therapies for corneal blindness.

My results are better than the national average.

As seen in..

Articles and videos I’ve published

I frequently write articles and publish videos to answer people’s most common questions. Find out more below…

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