Research shows 20% increase in work performance after laser eye surgery

“I loooove your glasses.”, Really? Well, that makes one of us. 

To you, glasses are probably just a tool that enables you to go about your daily duties without tripping over on the pavement, waving good morning to a tree, or craning your neck so far forward to see your computer screen that they slip right off your nose. 

In fact, they’re not even that helpful. They hide your facial features, make your eyes look unnaturally small or large, and fog-up in the rain. They’re not glamorous, they’re just an inconvenience.   

When it comes to contact lenses, these aren’t much better. They can cause dryness, computer vision syndrome, serious eye infections, grittiness, and irritation, not to mention the recurring void in your bank account. 

Perhaps you’ve considered laser eye surgery but put it off. “I’ll wait until my eyes get really bad,” “there are more important things to spend my money on,” “maybe I’m just being silly.” 

If you’ve had these thoughts, then I suggest you keep reading because studies find that above the more superficial benefits, are much more profound, truly life-changing transformations that shouldn’t be shrugged off. 

The challenges associated with poor vision, glasses, and contact lenses have a much deeper-rooted impact that could alter your time here on planet earth. 

According to numerous scientific studies, if you improve your vision…

Blog 1 3 surprising ways that laser eye surgery can upgrade-your life alex shortt london


1. You could be happier

Yup. Having good unaided vision leads to a better quality of life. 

  • People who don’t wear glasses are seen as more attractive and likeable than people who do. The likelihood of them finding a partner, making friends and connecting with people is also higher.23
  • Visual impairment harms the psychological and emotional health of older people. It increases five to nine-fold the risk of cognitive decline and dementia.24
  • Reduced visual acuity, visual field loss, and occasional blurred vision are linked to reduced quality of life.25

After laser eye surgery, patients typically feel more confident and attractive, and this improves their mental health.

2. You could be healthier

That’s right. If your eyes are healthy, chances are your body will be too.

  • Glasses wearers find it difficult to exercise, play sports and engage in outdoor activities.26
  • 59% of accidents can be linked to poor sight – such as failure to use corrective lenses or glare-related reasons.27
  • The risk of car crash involvement increases by 9% with visual impairment. It is even higher for drivers whose visual function worsens as they get older.28
  • Wearing contact lenses increases the risk for several serious conditions, including eye infections and corneal ulcers.29

After laser eye surgery, a patient’s health and safety are significantly improved. They also find it easier to engage in physical activities, enjoy travel more and aren’t affected as much by changing weather conditions. 

(NOTE: Have you ever wondered whether laser eye surgery might be right for you? Take our quick online laser eye surgery suitability quiz. You’ll be able to get an idea of what your options look like for your age and prescription. And if you’re ready to get the definitive answer on your vision correction options, then go ahead and get yourself a free initial screening in the heart of London.) 

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3. You could be wealthier

It’s true. And not just because you’re saving on the cost of glasses and contact lenses. Vision problems can actually stunt your career success.

  • Vision problems can reduce employees’ performance by as much as 20% and considerably affect employment opportunities, job satisfaction, and job security.30
  • The cost of contact lenses is around £90 for a three month supply of daily disposable lenses. Over the course of a year, this could equate to £360, so over ten years, you’d be looking at £3,600. This doesn’t include the cost of any glasses you may need to pay for, as it is never recommended to wear contact lenses for longer than seven days a week.31
  • Poor vision disproportionately affects older people by increasing the burden and cost of medical services.32

When you invest in laser vision correction, you are not only saving money in the long run, but you are boosting your productivity and helping yourself prosper.

3 surprising ways that laser eye surgery can upgrade your life alex shortt london

68% of the UK population wear glasses or contact lenses33and are disadvantaged by them every single day, whether they are conscious of it or not. Some people accept it as a fact of life, some don’t have the fortitude to make it happen, and some don’t know an alternative even exists.

You only live once – live it to the fullest 

I’ve watched thousands of Londoners overcome their limitations, and I think you should overcome yours:

  • Laser eye surgery can give you crystal clear vision at both distance and near without the need for glasses or contact lenses. You’ll have the freedom that some patients call “life-changing”
  • You may feel more confident and will undoubtedly experience more convenience. Most patients say they wish they’d done it sooner
  • You will awaken ready to face the world free from spectacles. Take a shower without the blurriness. Work and exercise without glasses or the dryness of contact lenses. Avoid the everyday chance of contact lens infection. Fall asleep, without worrying about leaving your lenses in.
  • You’ll be free of the barrier between you and others. Everyone will see you as you’re supposed to be. You’ll no longer be defined by your specs. 

So, if you’re looking for a more abundant life, let me guide you towards your vision correction options. Get a free screening now.

(NOTE: Have ever contemplated whether laser eye surgery might be right for you? Take our quick online laser eye surgery suitability quiz. You’ll be able to get a good idea of what your options look like for your age and prescription. And if you’re ready to get the definitive answer on your vision correction options, then go ahead and get yourself a free initial screening in the heart of London.) 

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