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01. How Does The Eye Work

02. What Is The Cornea

03. What Is The Lens

04. What Is Myopia Hyperopia Astigmatism

05. Why Do We Need Glasses Or Contact Lenses

06. Why Would A Patient Require LES

07. What Are The 1st 2nd 3rd Generations Of LES

08. What Is PRK or LASEK Surgery

09. What Is LASIK Surgery

10. What Is ReLEx SMILE Surgery

11. What Happens On The Day Of LES

12. How Do You Assess A Patients Eligibility For LES

13. Who Is Not Suitable For LES

14. What Are The Alternatives Non Eligible For LES

15. How Long Does LES Take

16. What Anaesthetic Will I Have

17. Is It Possible To Perform LES On Both Eyes

18. What Is The Recovery Time For LES

19. Whats The Difference LASIK SMILE


21. What Are The Serious Complications Of LES

22. What Are The Non-Serious Complications Of LES

23. Precautions To Prevent Eye Infections During Surgery

24. How Would A Patient Prepare For LES

25. Different Roles Of Eye Care Professionals

26. What Kind Of Laser Is Used For ReLEx SMILE Surgery

27. When Did The First ReLEx SMILE Surgery Take Place

28. What New Developments Can We Expect To See In SMILE Surgery.mp4 NEW

29. Why Did You Choose To Become An Eye Surgeon NEW

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