Advanced Femto Laser Cataract Surgery

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Advanced Femto Laser Cataract Surgery

There have been few major advances in cataract surgery in the last 20 years until advanced Femto laser cataract surgery. Laser technology and ophthalmic advances has resulted in a different, and often more positive, patient experience providing a highly accurate outcome with less time spent in the operating theatre.

A number of years ago the femtosecond laser was the innovation in laser eye surgery. The same laser has been developed and technically advanced. It is now used day to day for cataract surgery.

Standard cataract surgery is highly successful, however the advanced femto laser option is a patient-friendly, less invasive, highly accurate procedure. One which may suit you and your needs.






  • Andy Darington - Financial Advisor

    Andy underwent laser eye surgery on the high street.  Several years later he developed a complication known as corneal ectasia where the cornea loses its shape and warps.   Andy noticed rapidly deteriorated vision.   To correct his sight Andy underwent collagen cross linking using an ultra violet laser to strengthen the cornea.  He then underwent a second procedure, implantable collamer lens (ICL) insertion to correct his vision.   Andy now sees perfectly for the distance and can easily read a computer screen and small text all without glasses.   This case demonstrates that even serious complications of LASIK can be successfully treated.

    Andy Darington - Financial Advisor
  • Dr Aysha Rashid – Dermatologist

    Dr Rashid is a UK trained dermatologist currently working and living in New Zealand.  Having researched SMILE laser eye surgeons worldwide, Dr Rashid choose to undergo ReLEx SMILE laser eye surgery under the care of Mr Alex Shortt.   Having been dependent on glasses since a teenager due to her extreme short sightedness she described the outcome of her SMILE laser eye surgery as life changing.   In particular, the ability to see clearly immediately when waking in the morning and is delighted not to have to root around for her glasses anymore.

    Dr Aysha Rashid – Dermatologist
  • Lara Masters - TV Presenter, Journalist and Disability Rights Campaigner

    Sadly, Lara has been wheelchair dependant since the age of 12.  When she developed the cataract in her left eye this had a profound effect on her quality of life because wearing glasses was problematic for her because of disability.    To address this issue Lara underwent cataract surgery combined with a sophisticated toric multifocal lens implant insertion.   This implant corrected her sight so that she can see 20 / 20 for the distance, can see small print and can read the screen on her phone all without the need to wear glasses.    This surgery has given Lara the freedom to live her life fully without struggling with the need for glasses.

    Lara Masters - TV Presenter, Journalist and Disability Rights Campaigner

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